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Investment Appraisal:

For owners with big plans and exacting standards.

Good investments can take your hotel to new heights. Bad ones can threaten everything you’ve worked for. We have worked with some of the UK’s finest hotels to assess the potential profitability of spas, restaurants, refurbishments, redevelopments and service diversification. Whether you need to evaluate the potential and develop a concept for a new build hotel or take a cautious approach to a refurbishment project we can identify the scope of the market and assess viability.

How an Investment Appraisal will optimise your hotel's results:

Benefit: What it means for your hotel...
Simple, Effective Analysis Clear answers presented in a way you can present to investors and use to make decisions.
A Considered Approach Investment appraisal cannot be rushed. We can take the time and give the process the dedicated approach it deserves.
Enhanced Reassurance We can take the pressure off you by using tried and tested techniques to assess payback period, risks and rewards.

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