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Hotel Healthcheck:

For owners who want their property to excel and out-perform competitors.

It is often perceived that getting external advice is only beneficial where something is obviously ‘broken’ and requires fixing; what about those circumstances where everything appears to work quite well but you still feel your property just isn’t quite reaching its potential? We recommend an intensive consultancy project called a ‘Hotel Healthcheck’.

How does this help?

In our experience, good habits run good hotels. We will help you identify habits that are no longer working for you, ascertain growth opportunities and develop a detailed Action Plan to Success for each area of your business. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution - the precise approach we take will be customised according to your property but there are a number of integral elements you can expect:   

      Approach                  Result
Consultation & Gap Analysis We will develop a strong understanding of what you are seeking to achieve, your vision for your property and your overarching aims and objectives. Working together, we will identify any areas where it is immediately apparent that your property is not quite reaching its potential.
Mystery Guest Visit Following an anonymous visit, we will prepare a report covering all the great things you do and identify areas for improvement – often it’s the ‘little’ things that can make the most difference to your hotel’s guest experience.
4-day Healthcheck We will take an in-depth look at every element of how your business works – from finance to front of house, people to processes and operations to opportunities. Is every department as ‘healthy’ as it could be?
Action Plan for Success Your detailed Action Plan for Success will cover each area of the business and will be presented to all relevant stakeholders.

Going forwards, we can work with you to ensure the action plan is implemented and reviewed on a regular basis. Contact us for a no obligation consultation to discuss how your property could benefit from a Hotel Healthcheck.

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