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At Godfrey Adamson Associates Ltd we offer customised consulting solutions to help grow your hotel business by improving occupancy, finding new routes to market, developing new opportunities and ultimately improving profitability. We have over 25 years' experience in the hospitality industry and we use what we've learned to work with you to solve the problems in your hotel, spa or restaurant. Maybe you're concerned that:
  • You're working harder for the same results?
  • You're losing ground to competitors?
  • You're not managing your hotel's costs effectively?
  • Your hotel operations aren't running as efficiently as youโ€™d like?
  • Your hotel's brand isnโ€™t strong enough?
  • You've lost sight of what makes your hospitality business different?
  • Thereโ€™s a lack of vision?
  • You're having trouble reaching growth targets?
If so, you're in the right place. As a hotelier, you're probably finding that the current financial climate makes everything that much harder but there are profitable business opportunities out there and fresh eyes will help find them.

We are personable, flexible and professional. By getting to know you, your needs, ambitions and long-term plans we can find the best way to work with your individual hotel.

View our hotel consultancy services and check out our approach to find out more.

Mark Godfrey FIH MI
Hospitality Consultant

P.S. When you call me to discuss your requirements we'll talk about the best way we can work with you to improve your hotel's profitability. We're always happy to discuss your needs without any obligation. My number's 07525 324198.
Mark was available to assist as an interim General Manager  for 3 months at a property that had undergone considerable upheaval. In the period that he was General Manager, he engaged with the property both restoring levels of customer service and...
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